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We are back with the most anticipated competition of the year.

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What is CodeRush 2022?

The annual in-house coding competition of the Faculty of Information Technology

CodeRush is a team-based competition launched by INTECS for the fifth consecutive time. It is an ideal platform where you get to discover your skills in coding and problem-solving. During this two-day hackathon, your goal is to gather your team and brainstorm to untangle the solutions for the enigmas presented to you. Day 01 of the competition will take place on University premises while day 02 will be held online.

The competition comprises 3 rounds. The coding round of the competition would be conducted with the support of the HackerRank platform. In the idea submission round, the teams have to come up with an innovative solution to a given scenario. Last but not least there will be a selfie challenge and voting that will be a fun experience for our competitors. This mesmerizing event is exclusive to the members of the FIT family. So don't pass up this wonderful opportunity.

May the best team win!

Problem Solving

Make the most of this chance to demonstrate your coding abilities. Utilize it to broaden your horizons.


Code in your preferred language to make sure you seize this opportunity to triumph. Allow your love of coding to help drive you forward.


You can have fun with your friends during this competition while going head-to-head with them.

Timeline of CODERUSH 2022

Commencement of Registration

Exclusive for undergraduates of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa.

12th of October 2022

Awareness Session

A brief discussion will be conducted to make the competitors aware of CODERUSH 2022.

16th of October 2022

Registration Closes

Every team must be registered for the competition before the deadline.

18th of October 2022

Opening the Practice Playground

This is a practice playground set for the competitors to sharpen their skills and computational thinking before the upcoming competitive hours.

18th of October 2022
Enter the contest


It's the first day of the competition! Competitors can make their way to the winners' table by untangling the challenges given via the HackerRank playground.

23rd of October 2022
Enter competition


On the second day of the contest the competitors can showcase their innovative ideas by participating in the ideation.

23rd of October 2022
Idea submission

Announcing the Winners

The winners will be announced at the end of the event.

25th of October 2022

How CodeRush work?

  • For CodeRush 2022, you must sign up as a four-member team.
  • Once this is done, you will be given HackerRank accounts (one for each team), and you will receive additional information via email
  • By attending the upcoming awareness session, you can better comprehend the competition's rules and formulate your strategy.
  • You can then get warmed up and prepare your team's strategy for the upcoming competition on the practice playground.
  • The contest will then begin, and you and your team will compete to solve the problems that are given to you

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